Dario Snidaro comes from Udine, a city in the North East of Italy.

He writes his own songs to share stories and paths whose main characters are the common people with their load of emotions, joys and defeats.

No family member has ever played music, but as a child, before he could walk, he danced leaning on his grandmother’s turntable.

20 years after, he started writing his own songs. What he always had inside started to blossom.

After various bands and projects his first solo record ‘The Easy Way’ came out in May 2019 on Go Country Records.


‘Turquoise’ is his latest release and came out out on December 30, 2023.

The EP includes four songs and serves as a contemplative exploration of a personal experience involving someone close to the artist.

Three out of the four songs present various renditions of the track ‘Turquoise’ (Arranged Version – Live Version – Instrumental Version).

The fourth track, titled ‘Friend’ showcases the production talents of Gaber Radojevic and Tomy DeClerque.